History of Hull Speed

History of Hull Speed

Hull Speed Data Products, Inc. was established in 1987 as a manufacturer of data communication accessories. Hull Speed was an out growth of ARK Electronic Products, which was a Paradyne subsidiary. Hull Speed Data (HSD) was purchased from its founders in 1990, by DATALINK Ready, Inc. HSD’s products were being sold to many of the same customers that DATALINK was servicing. The synergy was obvious for an excellent fit of resources and marketing expertise. In June 2005 one of the co-owners sold his equity to his partners family.  Today, Hull Speed’s management continues selling products through it’s established network of resellers and OEM’s.

ARK was shipping approximately $30 million per year of product in 1988, when AT&T purchased Paradyne and acquired the ARK subsidiary. Both DATALINK Ready, Inc. and ARK was a Paradyne subsidiary at that time and DATALINK was purchased and taken private, by management in early 1989, as part of the AT&T / Paradyne acquisition.  DATALINK obtained the manufacturing rights to several ARK products from AT&T Paradyne in late 1989. Those manufacturing rights were subsequently transferred from DATALINK to HSD when HSD was purchased in 1990.

HSD develops and produces products that are strategically positioned to fit into a unique data communication niche.  The HSD products are some of the fastest and most advanced available for their applications.  This speed and product simplification is achieved through the use of HSD proprietary gate array and buffer chip sets. These chips also give HSD a way to improve existing products while not increasing cost of those products. The HSD manufacturing and support process has been developed to offer a low cost product that will allow volume manufacturing when required.

In summary HSD is positioned to be a low cost producer in a high visibility, but relatively small niche that is dedicated to the Wide Area Network (WAN) data communication accessory market.

Product life cycles are usually much longer in the WAN area, and very few products are subject to obsolescence. Most computer mainframe programs do not change drastically because the networks are large and use Legacy equipment that is not easily changed from the initial application that was installed by the end-user customer. The Hull Speed product that fits the customer application today, will probably fit the requirement for several years. HSD products are very reliable and in some applications, we have products in use in high volume applications (bank credit card and FAA flight data) for over twenty years without known failures.