BSI-625/685 6-Port Sharing Bridge


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Product Description

BSI-625/685 6-Port Sharing Bridge

The Hull Speed BSI-625/685 is transparent to speed and data.  Allows users to broadcast RS-232 (CCITT V.24) or RS-
425 (CCITT V.36) asynchronous data simultaneously to six terminals, printers, or modems.  This device has flow control and Industrial Chips.
This device utilizes DB-25 connectors and supports both RS-232 signals and RS-422(485) signaling on pins 15, 16,
17 & 18.  The physical interface is DB-25F (RS232 or RS422/485) compliant, with the main port broadcasting data to all sub-channels in either mode.  The differentiated
signals RS-422(485) use pins 15, 16, 17, and 18.
This is a plug and play piece of equipment with no switches or straps to set, all ports are speed and data transparent
with rates.

Product Specification PDF:  0283a