DSD-225 2-Port Digital Sharing Device


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Product Description

DSD-225 2-Port Digital Sharing Device

The DSD-225 RS-232/V.24 automatic Digital Sharing Device, operates atdata rates up to 76.8 Kbps synchronously and up to 115.2 Kbps asynchronously, enable any combination of up to two terminals or modems to share a master modem, multiplexer port or computer port.
This model features front panel port enable/disable switches, LEDs to indicate selected or disabled sub-channels, power, streaming sub-channels, and data activity. Basic selectable options include: clock source, antistreaming and automatic sub-channel restoral.  Each sub-channel has selectable “Data”/control-signal contention, tail circuit buffer capability, and DTE/
DCE personality options.

Product Specification PDF: 0120a