FOS-215/M/X 1300/1550NM Fiber Optic Switch

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Product Description

FOS-215/M/X 1300/1550NM Fiber Optic Switch

The FOS-215 is a Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) based single mode fiber optic switch which uses a
moveable mirror process to allow light to pass through the switch on port activation, or to be blocked / diverted when a port is deactivated.  This makes the switch particularly well suited for fail-safe bypass or port selection applications such as ethernet LANs or for backup/disaster
recovery of failed fiber optic links.
The FOS-215 is designed to switch a master device to one of two slave or alternate devices by IP selecting
the device from the communication sources (modem or manual local switch).

Options and Prices vary depending on features – Please call for price.

Product Specification PDF:  0320c4

Product Manual PDF:  Man0320/M