LDM-5B Limited Distance Modem


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Product Description

LDM-5B  ARKLINK 9.6k A/S Limited Distance Modem

The LDM-5B (Formerly the ARKLINK 9.6K A/S) Limited Distance Modem provides reliable communications over unloaded private cable systems or telephone company supplied local exchange loops. The ARKLINK 9.6K A/S interfaces with synchronous or asynchronous Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) complying with CCITT V.24/RS-232C.
Four-wire operation can be accommodated in point-to-point or polled multipoint applications.  Two wire operation is point-to-point half-duplex over a single twisted pair.
This unit is designed for high-density rack mounting at host locations where space is at a premium.  This LDM operates as an element in a unique modular packaging concept that provides for insertion and removal without having to power down the equipment nest.  Once the units are installed, no further access to the rear of the rack is required.  After installation there is no need to remove any cables to reconfigure or expand the system.
All modem configuration settings and diagnostics information is available from the LDMs front panel.  No internal strap adjustments or switch settings are required for normal operation.
Product Manual PDF :  Man0221