LMX-A 8/Fiber 8- Port MUX


Product Description

LMX-A 8/F  (Fiber)  Eight port muliplexer

The LMX-8F is an efficient, low-cost, bit-interleaved, eight-port, asynchronous Time Division Multiplexer (TDM),
complete with an integral Dual Fiber limited distance modem.
The LMX-8AF allows for interconnection of up to eight local clustered terminals operating at asynchronous data rates, from 0-38.4 Kbps.
Dual fiber optic availability using the optional fiber interface enables a range of up to 10,000 feet (3 km). The LMX-8A is an ideal cost alternative to more expensive statistical multiplexers and leased-line modems.
Ideal applications are those used within a building, in a campus setting, or factory environment using either twisted copper pairs or fiber optic cable.

Product Specification PDF :  0141b2