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Product Description

LRM-1 Limited Distance Modem 

The Hull Speed LRM-1 is an async limited range modem designed for local terminal to computer connection applications.  By using just 2 wires, the LRM-1 can run full duplex at 9.6 Kbps up to 1 mile.   This means utilization of existing unused wiring pairs saving installation costs.
Utilizing low power consuming CMOS technology, the LRM-1 does not need to operate with an external power source.  It can derive its voltage requirements from the
connected RS-232C interface device.
The LRM-1 is easy to install. There are no straps or switches to set.  The 2-wire line is terminated via a 2-position terminal barrier block, and the LRM-1 connects directly to your RS-232 equipment.

Product Manual PDF:  Man0017