ME-V35 Modem Eliminator


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Product Description

ME-V35 Modem Eliminator

The ME V.35 Series consists of two different versions of modem eliminators providing DTE to DTE connection.
The ME V.35 (TAS0116-1/-2) has selectable speeds up to 896 Kbps and is CCITT V.11(V.35) compliant.  The ME V.35E
(TAS0116-3/-4) is CCITT V.11/V.35 compliant and allow internal timing to be set at 100 Hertz increments up to 2.4 Mbps.
Both are available in either a stand-alone or rackmount configuration.  Each maintains all data, timing, and control signal handshaking integrity.  The modem eliminators extend the distance between devices, can
be used in place of modems and eliminates the need for crossover cables.  In addition these units offer a wide variety of selectable options for typical and unique
applications not often found or supported.

Product Specification PDF:  0116b4