MMSD-225 Mini Modem Sharing Device


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Product Description

MMSD-225 Mini Modem Sharing Device

The Mini-Modem Sharing Device (MMSD-2), enables two terminals to share a master modem or multiplexer.
The main channel broadcasts information to both subchannels.  The sub-channels contend for the master or main channel by raising RTS.  If RTS is raised, the subchannel’s “Active” LED is lit, and its data and control
signals are connected to the master.  When RTS drops, control circuitry is switched to monitor the other subchannel and the “Active” LED indicator is turned off.
The MMSD-2 operates with asynchronous or synchronous equipment.  It passes timing, data, and control signals from the master modem to the sub-channels.
The MMSD-2 uses CMOS circuitry and derives power from the modem and the terminals timing and control signals.
Product Manual PDF:  Man0136a