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Product Description

UDS-25/IP  Universal Data Switch        

The UDS-25/IP is a Universal Data Switch with an automatic or manual A/B switch. The unit provides automatic switching between a primary or secondary interface and a master device by monitoring a user-defined control signal for the purpose of high-speed HISI backup, dial backup, link restore, disaster recovery, or alternate routing.

The UDS-25 is completely code and data transparent and is interface compatible with HISSI, RS-232, RS-422/449, RS-530, RS-574, RS-561, V.11, V.35 and X.21 equipment and applications.  The UDS provides, manual switch control while The UDS-25/IP version provides remote switch control and monitoring, day/time switching or deactivation, programmable event timing and status via a Dialup or TCP/IP connecectivity.

Product Specification PDF:  0313c